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(Rafiralfiro wrote... thanks hermano!)
It's the story of two guys, myself and my man [wini] 2.0 from Murcia, Spain, loving eachother's music, and willing to share and to mix their identity and their musical skills. After a first and decisive meeting in Alicante ( Spain ) in early fall 2007, they decided to set a live collaboration as soon as possible, startin with a gig in Paris in the first days of 2008. This event could have been cancelled, requested by a pseudo-collective (Amaze) that didn't respond to their responsability, but it finally happened due to the restlessness of the two artists. This recording is the product of a week of intensive musical preparation to blend their style into one homogenic alloy, cruising from hip-hop to electro, filled with latin explosions and oriental dubby moods…
Specials thanks to Favela Chic's crew and the fans for their support - We'd also like to boo Amaze's crew for its lack of responsability and humanity.

Another round of applause and a big thanks for Pachouille for hosting us on his great record label, Fresh Poulp

You can download it here!!!

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thanks for all!

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