Daniel Johnston vs. Scroobius Pip

Last week I went to see Daniel Johnston, he was performing at Paradiso. This is that kind of event that you are waiting for months, and it did worth it. The show was especial, it actually was “History”. I mean, now I can say I saw Daniel Johnston live.

I think many people just dont like the music, or they say they like him because he is underground or cool or some shit. Well, technically is not the best, is not like the songs you can listen over and over but, this man is a genius, and you notice that when you see him live, with this simple music he got you going crazy, really feeling it. And that’s what genius do right? Make it look simple. Actually, the best part of the concert for me was when he played alone with his guitar, with the orchestra was like too perfect, some experimental fusion stuff which I found too much for what you expect of that concert. It’s about the essence...

Daniel Johnston live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 2010 from Dan Peirone on Vimeo.

Well, after this big concert, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip were going to perform in another room, for other people, and it was sold out. Of course these guys were watching Daniel’s concert, and there I recognized Scroobius Pip. So, I went to this second concert and it was completely another mood but I can say it was such a good party. I got to get the new album “The Logic of Chance”.

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